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Tufts students start their own version of wikileaks


Tufts Daily- A group of current and former Tufts students identifying themselves as “Jumboleaks” on Saturday posted online an outdated list of university financial holdings, citing financial transparency and responsible investment among their motivations.
The list, posted to the website, comprises 35 companies ranging from CVS Caremark to Monsanto, a provider of agricultural products that has often been linked to controversial business practices. According to senior Will Ramsdell, a representative of Jumboleaks, the list presents a snapshot of Tufts’ direct holdings from sometime in 2010. Ramsdell said that to the best of Jumboleaks’ knowledge, the list presents the university’s direct holdings in their entirety for the time period it represents.

A couple ambitious students want to create the new more local version of wikileaks.  As exciting as it is to see secret information, I’m not sure how interested the general public will be in the holdings of the tufts endowment fund.  Let’s theoretically say that gets it’s name out across the nation.  Where are they going to get more content?  Have you even been to their site?  It’s a grey page with black text and blue links.  I wish them luck but I think they should seriously consider a web designer who took more than IT101.

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