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Tufts all male a capella group, Beelzebubs appear on Glee

Tufts Daily- What if every week you got to hear yourself sing on one of the most popular TV shows in the nation? For a select few Tufts students, this dream is a reality.
It’s fairly common knowledge at this point around campus that the Tufts Beelzebubs are the group singing for the preppy Dalton Academy Warblers on Fox’s “Glee.” The show reached its peak number of viewers this season with its post−Superbowl episode, as 39.5 million people tuned in to watch their favorite singing high schoolers. That same episode featured the Bubs backing up one of the show’s stars, Darren Criss, on Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills.”
“I know that we’ve had at least eleven songs on ‘Glee’ so far and have recorded even more,” sophomore Bubs singer Jack Thomas said. “I still have a special feeling for ‘Teenage Dream,’ because it was so absolutely thrilling; it was surreal and it’s a really sweet recording, too. It stands out in my mind.”
“Teenage Dream,” which briefly topped the iTunes charts as the top−selling track in the nation, was the Bubs’ first appearance on “Glee,” launching them onto the radar of fans across America.
“Getting a deal like ‘Glee’ has raised a lot of awareness across the country, so now instead of doing high school shows, we’ve been doing many more corporate shows far away; it’s been a really wild year,” Thomas said. “We’ve gone to a lot of awesome places.”

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