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Sodexo at Fordham cited for serious health violations

The Ram- Health department inspectors cited health violations at four of Fordham’s Sodexo dining facilities during a March 21 examination. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene discovered health code infractions at the Student Deli, Millennium Grille, Ramskeller and Marketplace.

The inspections unearthed evidence of mice, roaches and improper storage of food, shortcomings that placed Fordham eateries in the lowest grade bracket. The Department of Health utilizes a grading system based on points earned by each infraction, where each violation amasses more points and lowers an establishment’s grade. 

Restaurants scoring between 0-13 are awarded an A, while a restaurant earning between 14-27 points is classified as a B. If an establishment receives marks exceeding 27, the restaurant is given a C.

With final grades still pending, the Student Deli received a score of 53, the Millennium Grille a 47 and the Ramskeller a 30, with the Health Department classifying any score above 28 as unsatisfactory.

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Don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m just bringing you the relevant and important news to Boston students.  Maybe Sodexo at Fordam is a bit looser on following health rules.  Maybe they’ve just got a bad general sodexo manager on campus.  I don’t think this would be cause for concern at any other campuses, but the next time I eat in any dining hall on campus you better believe I’m gonna be like Tony Shaloub in Monk.

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