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Barstool Sports vs The FullDorm Post, who’s who and what’s the difference?

Barstool has been operating their site for years and I’ve been checking out daily for years.  They’ve got a handful of employees, hundreds of thousands of daily worldwide visitors and a few key players that create content for their respective metropolitan areas.  My new thing is checking out the new FullDorm news blog called “The Post” which launched last month.  The Post is growing with followers and it’s already started to generate some buzz around local Boston campuses.   While the two sites may reach the same demographic, the main focus for The Post is to bring Boston area and other relevant student news to the laptops of college students around Boston.  

What separates one from the other?  At the end of the day, it all comes down to content.  As described in a recent barstool post by “El Pres” (the creator of Barstool), “I’m on a warpath to build the Internet’s ultimate Smut Empire. Posting chicks’ asses in every media market in America is gonna make me Zuckerberg-rich”.  Taking a more conservative approach while describing The Post, the creator of Fulldorm was quoted in a recent interview stating, “The FullDorm Post is a place where FullDorm team members and students can contribute local, interesting, relevant and appropriate content to be published and read by thousands of students across Boston.”  From both descriptions of their respective websites, there are two clearly distinct and separate goals. 

While most of the content published on Barstool Sports is gender biased and unsafe for the work/classroom environment, The FullDorm Post creates an environment that’s safe for everyone at work or in a classroom.  If Barstool was to create a “safe for work” section, it would probably look something like the FullDorm Post.  Likewise, if The FullDorm Post wanted to create a “Smut empire”, it would probably look something like Barstool.

In an email response to an inquiry about the future plans for FullDorm with regard to Barstool Sports as a competitor, the creator of FullDorm said, “FullDorm has no plans or intentions of becoming another Barstool Sports.  In fact, we don’t even see Barstool as a competitor.  Our highly monitored college platform includes a handful of other valuable features that in aggregate, students and administrators can be proud to endorse on any campus or talk about at the dinner table.  We may include a few witty remarks or personal feelings within articles on The Post but they’re all in good fun with only the best of intentions.  El pres and his team do the best job at what they do, and the goal for our team is to do the best at what we do.  I respect what El Pres does and in turn I assume he respects what we’re doing.”

As any Barstool reader knows, due to the Barstool email policy which basically publicizes and exploits most of the emails sent to them, I refrained from inquiring for an interview. Contrary to how I initially thought this article would be written, to my surprise it appears there is enough room in this world for the two sites.  With the introduction of The Post, I will remain a loyal stoolie, but as another source of interesting content, I have already added The Post to my daily routine.

Written by: Dan B. – Bentley

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