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Stealing bike parts in Boston: What’s with this trend?

As the weather has been getting warmer I’ve moved most of my cardio workouts to the streets.  I enjoy running along the esplanade, down beacon street to the reservoir, around the commons and really anywhere that seems like a nice scenic route.  Since this past summer, I’ve  noticed a significant increase in stripped down bikes all across the city.  Why is this a “crime on the rise”?   The picture above, was taken in Kenmore Square today4/11.  I walk through Kenmore Square almost every day and I noticed that specific bike was locked to that sign only 2 days ago in good condition.  What happened?  I could understand that maybe someone might be upset from the sox losing and slash a tire, but this was a clear act of theft and abuse.  It takes a lot of work to steal the rear tire of a bike so I’m surprised someone took the time in a crowded area like Kenmore Square to dismantle the bike.  If you walk up and down Comm ave, with the abundance of bikes that are locked to anything that’s permanently attached to the ground, you’ll notice it’s been happening a lot to student bikes as well.  Should they invent “full bike locks” where you can somehow loop a chord through every part of your bike so nothing can be taken? 

If this is the work of a student, I hope they’re graduating and moving back home in May.  If this is the work of some gang or just some group of hooligans, I hope they’re caught soon

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