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3 reccommended running routes through Boston

Do you enjoy running outdoors but are not sure where to run or how far you run?  The FullDorm CEO decided to share his 3 reccommended loops around the city.  On a nice day, there’s a good chance you’ll find him on one of these loops sporting a FullDorm t-shirt. Yes, he’s that guy…

For an enjoyable 3 mile run, start on the Boston side of the Mass Ave bridge, run along the esplenade to the red-line bridge and make your way along the river back to the Mass Ave bridge and end in Kenmore Square.  It’s a flat run with a slight quarter mile arch shaped hill on the red-line bridge.

For a nice, flat and breezy 6 mile run, start at the BU bridge, run along the river to the red-line bridge, then all the way back to the Harvard bridge and back to where you started.  This is the only 6 mile loop in Boston where you only have to worry about 3 traffic lights.

For the longer more adventurous runner who likes a good hilly run in the city, this 10 mile loop is sure to drain any runner of their energy.  Start on Comm Ave and follow comm ave all the way to the commons.  Run around the perimeter of the commons, and head all the way down beacon street for about 5 miles to the reservoir.  Once you get to the reservoir, make a right turn and make your way back to campus on comm ave.  The last 2 miles are mostly uphill so be sure to leave enough strength in the tank.


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