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Until Monday: Getting your hair straightened may cause cancer

This is bad news for the girls who like to get their hair straightened at the salon. The popular Brazilian blowout” procedure has been analyzed and the results show that during the blowout process, carcinogenic toxins are relased in to the air.

OSHA issued a hazard alert on April 11 warning hair salon owners and workers about potential exposure to formaldehyde from using some hair smoothing and straightening products. For those unfamiliar with the process or don’t understand the purpose of Formaldehyde, it apparently helps bind Keratin to hair.

Formaldehyde is also used as an embalming agent, an ingredient in extacy, in the film development process and is also considered a highly effective disinfectant.

To stay on topic, Formaldehyde has been identified as a human carcinogen (something that causes cancer). These carcinogens are released in to the air in abnormally unusually amounts during the process which exposes not only the customer but the salon staff as well to these carcinogens. It has also been noted that even a handful of products that claim to be formaldehyde free have tested positive for containing the chemical. Canada warned its citizens about “Brazilian blowout” six months ago but for some reason, the FDA has only begun to take steps to “look in to” the issue.

Next time you’re at the salon and there’s that standard “salon smell” in the air, you’ll remember this article…

[source: Time]

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