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5 Facebook privacy settings you should know about

1.  Who see’s the photos you’re tagged in- Some of us have inappropriate and embarassing pictures taken of us and they may not create the best first impression to your peers or potential employers
2. Whether your friends can check you in to places- Do you like to fly under the radar? Maybe you frequent some less than desirable places and you don’t want people knowing you’re there…
3. If people can search for you on search engines- If they can search for you and get to your facebook page, what other information do you allow them to see and what do you want them to see?
4. What other sites and applications that you sign in with facebook know about you- Sites that you log in to with facebook probably know a lot more about you than you think. They collect all sorts of
5. Who sees your personal data- do you want strangers seeing your presonal information if they sumble on to your facebook page?


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