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Want a good job? Watch the news!

Bentley Vanguard- Watching the news may seem like a waste of time, or you may think that you can find something better to watch. A lot of the time, it seems as though there is nothing but horrible world events being shown, but the news really is worth watching if you take the time to think about it from a competitive advantage standpoint.

Picture this: You’re sitting in an interview or wandering around the Career Fair; other than introducing yourself, giving your elevator pitch and then answering a menagerie of questions, why not bring something else to the table? Nothing perks up people’s ears and their memory like good, interesting current events.

Want to get in good with a tech company? Why not discuss the pros and cons of the new RIM Blackberry Playbook? Want to impress a publishing firm? Why not ask for an opinion on James Patterson’s new novel Tick Tock?

If you know nothing of current events, how can you relate what is happening in the market or the world to what you are learning in the classroom? How can you ask pertinent questions in an interview or class without being informed of what is happening in your own state?

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Written by Kat Webber- Bentley

Posted in Student News.