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FullDorm Original: Harvard professor caught doing something amazing outside Fenway

Her name is Ann McGhee and she makes the best hand drawn paintings of Fenway park I’ve seen in my life.  “I particularly enjoy drawing landscapes and architecture” said McGhee.  She teaches at Harvard in the graduate school of design and in her free time you can catch her standing on a sidewalk somewhere in Boston or down on Martha’s Vineyard.  She’s done paintings of the boathouses on the Charles, Cherry trees and rowers on the Charles, Fenway portraits and a variety of landscapes down on the Vineyard.

Ann also enjoys to figure skating in whatever time is left of her day.  You can view all of her original works at “The Fenway Studios” on Ipswich street where her work sells for a few thousand dollars a piece.  If that’s too rich for your blood she does have prints that sell for a few hundred dollars.  Ann also mentioned that she has sold a couple of her paintings to Barbara Streisand over the years down on the Vineyard.

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