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FD Original: High school students submit weird video applications to schools

A recent trend has been for students to apply to their dream schools via video applications. This years crop of ambitious high school seniors have begun creating youtube applications. At least four universities have begun accepting video application in addition to the normal paper applications. Most schools allow for a 1 minute video to be submitted. This begs the question, what does a high school college candidate do for a 1 minute segment that could directly affect the decision for acceptance? I’ve found a bunch of youtube video applications and decided to make this article about them. Enjoy:

This kid wants to get in to Harvard with this video?

This girl shows her experiences through her shoes

This girl makes a mockery of the optional video application to get in to tufts. Does anyone know if it worked?

This one seems kinda cool

Does this kid want a job at FullDorm? He’s hired if he does

This kid makes a pizza with his boyscout troop

Lipsync-ing girl?

Decision Day, The Musical?

This girl decided that she wants to go to college on a full tennis scholarship.. Apparently she has no preference as to which school or any other life ambitions. Just 10 minutes of hitting some balls…

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