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Flying Spirit Airlines is a poor decision…

I’m generally an equal opportunity flyer which means I’ll fly whichever flight is the most economical. That all changed this past week. Spirit airlines is now at the bottom of my list and here’s why…
1. They charge $30 per carry-on (each way) and still charge fees for checked bags
2. They try to pull a quick one on you with those fees becuase you don’t really see them till you’re in the process of “checking out” on their site.
3. Read the article below about the woman they said was too fat to fly.
4. They get you to their site by offering round trip flights generally $50 cheaper than the competition BUT when you add in the round trip cost of your carry-on fees the flights turns out to be $10 (on average) more expensive than the competition.

Of course if Spirit Airlines was to see this post, they would respond with something like “Our baggage fee policy is clearly posted on our website.” Basically, that’s the same way that credit cards say “our fees are clearly written out in our terms of use that you signed back when you signed up for the card”.

As a side note, for the above reasons I flew airtran, jet blue and delta this past week and they were all a pleasant experience.

I hope everyone reads this article and shares it with their friends abut at the same time I hope this post won’t get me blacklisted because in the future if their pricing strategy changes I would add them back to my “list”.
AOL-Southwest Airlines is landing in hot water after they told a passenger that she was “too fat to fly.” During a layover in Dallas on Easter Sunday, Kenlie Tiggeman was told by a Southwest employee that she and her mother were “too fat to fly” when they asked what the weight restrictions were on the flight, according to MSNBC.

Tiggeman, who has lost 120 pounds in the last two years, told the news organization: “It doesn’t matter how far I have come. I have a long way to go, but no one sees that. All they see is my exterior – someone who is fat. Southwest’s “Customers of Size” policy clearly states passengers who cannot fit between the 17-inch armrests must purchase a second seat.

According to Southwest they are usually discreet with their concerns and take customers into a private area to test out the seating before boarding. But Tiggeman and her mother, Joan Charpentier, said they had the 45-minute confrontation with a Southwest employee in front of roughly 100 people.

Tiggeman added: “I know that I have a lot of weight to lose but I am definitely not too fat to fly. I do it all the time, domestically and internationally, and I have never had anyone approach me and particularly in the way that they did. I was embarrassed, humiliated.” Tiggeman wrote on her blog that she usually likes to fly JetBlue because “the jets feel more spacious and the customer service is consistently extraordinary.” The unidentified Southwest employee then told the ladies they could board the flight…if they sat with a third overweight woman in a row. Tiggeman’s mother told MSNBC: “Of course my daughter was okay with that. But I wasn’t because the deal I made with Southwest when I left, I bought a ticket and it’s open seating, and you can sit wherever you want.”

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