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I finally made the switch to a Mac book pro

10 times faster, 50 times longer battery life (seriously), looks better, runs consistently smooth (no intermittent freezes), and does so much more at once. Basically, what I’m trying to say is to go get one for yourself. Unless you’ve got a brand new laptop or another mac this laptop is like night and day compared to my Lenovo thinkpad. The only thing I still have to work on is the trackpad. I haven’t quite adapted but that’ll come with time.

This thing also came with a camera built in. I’ll probably never use it but now I wonder which hacker is watching me as I type all this stuff up. Remember that guy who tracked down his stolen macbook by logging in to his computer and turning on his camera?

Anyway, now that I’ve got this lightning fast laptop, I’ll be able to write faster, upload faster and crank out posts faster than you can read them. Odds are that won’t happen but it sometimes it’s the thought that counts.

By the way, are you telling your friends about FullDorm? We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from our users over the past week and we’re working on a few new/upgraded features that we should be launching in the next week or so. Of course I’ll keep you updated but the best way for us to grow is by telling your friends. Like us on facebook, tweet about us (if anyone still tweets), give us a few shoutouts in your youtube videos and talk about us in the cafe with your friends over dinner. Also, if you send us pictures or videos of stuff with a plug for FullDorm we guarantee we’ll post it up. Keep sending your interesting stuff to

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