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In case you’re new to FullDorm, yes we do have new stuff every day

I got an email from someone earlier today who was fascinated that “a site like yours (FullDorm)” is able to keep updated new content every day of the week.

This must’ve been written by someone who recently wrote their first e-mail ever. What exactly is “a site like yours”? Is that kinda like “you people”? Should I be offended, flattered or pissed? Due to a lack of further detail I’ll take this one as a compliment. Just to clear up any potential confusion that the writer of that email may have when they read this post, that picture infers that you may have been living under a rock for a while.

Yes, we do have new stuff every day and I like to think it’s good stuff. Why would I want to put bad/uninteresting stuff on the site? That goes against everything we’ve worked for up to this point. Read our about us page and if things still surprise you let me know and maybe even contact the better business bureau.

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