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The latest and greatest FullDorm numbers are in from google analytics

I had a few minutes of downtime last night so I decided to check out our analytical situation. Here are some updated interesting facts I’d like to share with you. If you don’t care about FullDorm facts and stats then move on to the next article…

In the past month, we’ve had:
-12,000 visits
-43,000 page views
-viewers from every state except Mississippi (probably due to flooding), Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, The Dakotas, Idaho, West Virginia and Wyoming…. All the states where nobody knows anyone that lives there except Nevada)
-viewers from over 2 dozen countries that include, Russia, Canada, China, India, Pakistan (what are the odds Osama read the FullDorm Post? I guess we’ll see next month if there are any views from Pakistan…), Australia, Nigeria (your information is still safe, don’t worry), Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal etc…
-40% of our viewers use Internet Explorer, 20% use Chrome, 20% use Firefox and everyone else uses safari or mobile devices

Now that you’re full of information that is probably 100% useless to you, perhaps you should go lay on the couch and hibernate for a little while to let all that data sink in.

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