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It’s Memorial Day, the entire country gets the day off but not us (kinda)

You’re not in the office, you’re not in school, your stores aren’t open, the financial markets are closed, you can’t eat lunch at most of your favorite places, you can’t pick up your dry-cleaning and you most likely can’t even call customer service for most American companies.

Due to the above mentioned circumstances, FullDorm decided that we’re not necessarily going out celebrating the holiday but we’re going to take a long weekend as well. What makes us different from everyone else? We’re still working on everything else today! This week we’re launching an entirely new off-campus rentals interface.  We asked for feedback from local agents and students regarding what would make the best off-campus rentals feature and we’ve come up with the perfect solution. The only detail we’re releasing before the official release is that we’re going to start paying you cash (actually a check) when you sign a lease  on a property you found on FullDorm. What’s the catch, there are four! You must be a student, you have to tell us when you sign the lease (and give your deposit) and two other mindless tasks that we’ll let you find out on your own soon.  Get excited, we are!

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