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Founder of FullDorm comes in 9th out of 3,000 at Ruckus

Sunburned, scraped, bruised and sore the founder of FullDorm fought his way through a tough obstacle course.  Unlike anything he’s ever done before this one seemed like the most fun someone could have on a 3.5 mile course.  Running through mud pits, crawling under nets, scaling 10 foot walls without a rope, jumping barricades, running over tires and through the woods, climbing near vertical mountains of dirt and conquering loose wooden dowel monkey bars were a few of the obstacles that he had to work through.  Due to a minor injury during his training followed by a cold he was only able to effectively train for less than a week before the race.

The race was run in heats of 200 that started every 15 minutes (to avoid congestion on the course).  To everyone’s surprise (including his own) Jeff won his heat by over a minute.  Jeff didn’t expect to finish in the top 25% of his heat due to his minimal training and the intimidating physical condition that the other competitors appeared to be in.  Much to everyone’s surprise, he ended up not only winning his heat, but he passed a few dozen competitors that were still on the course from previous heats.  Later that afternoon at 3 after all of the heats had completed the course, the top 10% of each heat competed again in a “winners circle” race where they would run the course to compete against the top finishers from the other heats.  By 3 everyone was sore, tired and a bit run down from the strong sun and wind not to mention that they already ran the course once at full speed.  To make a long story short, Jeff finished the course 6 seconds faster than his first time and ultimately took 9th place out of the 3,000 participants. That’s him in the picture flipping over the top of the cargo net.  Everyone loved the flip and it saved him about 10 seconds off his time on each of the 4 cargo nets he had to climb.  Even the course photographer made sure he was there to catch the final flip.

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