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KLM airlines is going to let you start picking your seatmate with facebook before your flight

telegraph-It is developing an internet service known as “meet and seat” which will give fliers access to to their fellow travellers’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
The scheme will be launched next year and KLM admitted that many details still have to be worked out.
Many airlines already charge passengers if they wish to pick their seats more than 24 hours ahead of travel as they look to wring as much money as they can out of passengers over and above the cost of the plane ticket.
However KLM was unable to say whether it will levy a fee for what is believed to be the first such matchmaking service to be adopted by an airline.
Although the details remain under wraps, the technology appears simple. Passengers looking to choose their seat ahead of travel can do so on the internet already, with most airlines putting seating maps of aircraft online.

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